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         Torrington PD has established a program to assist Police Department employees in coping with some of the unique stressors involved in Law Enforcement work. We want to help provide resources so that Police Department staff members can quickly and conveniently, and in complete privacy, get in touch with a qualified provider who stands ready to assist with any emotional or psychological issue. The Employee Assistance Program provides access to a network of specially selected professionals with experience working with first responders and trauma veterans and who are practicing in Wyoming. Torrington Police Department employees will be provided with up to three hours of services annually.

To access services, simply select a provider from the group and email or phone them directly. You do not need a referral from anyone else, and you may remain anonymous. If you prefer to see your provider for longer than three meetings, you may use your health insurance program to continue services. Alternatively, contact Dr. Jerry Post’s office at 307.632.7771 for assistance with a referral.

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