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Counseling Services

24/7 Emergency Assistance

If you or a loved one are experiencing  a crisis please click here for resources.

Support Groups

If you are looking for support groups scroll through to find an appropriate one

Alcohol Anonymous

If you have a problem with drinking, or know someone who does, visit this web page.

Narcotics Anonymous

Do you or does someone you know have a narcotic addiction? There are NA meetings on various dates and times for you to attend.

Suicide Support Group

Have you lost someone from suicide? This is the support group for you! There are various meetings through the state of Wyoming

Stress Relief Group

Free Group Ear Acupuncture- Experience relief from stress, increased calmness, better sleep, reduced anxiety, reduced cravings for tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.”

Caregiver Support Group

This is a free community group for persons acting in the caregiver role. Lunch is available for those attending at a small fee.”

Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance Group

Several groups located in Casper, Cheyenne, Lander, and Laramie Wyoming.

        From December 1st through November 30th,  UW employees and their household may obtain 6 counseling sessions each  year, at no cost .  This program provides access to a network of specially selected professionals that practice in Wyoming. The Employee Assistance Program can help with everyday stressors and difficulties we  experience in and out of the workplace. These may include:


– Stress            – Grief and Loss          – Substance Abuse                – Relationships

– Anxiety         – Depression                – Work Related Issues        –  Eating Disorders


These stressors can affect your life and have an impact on your well–being. To contact one of the qualified providers, simply select the provider tab and email or call them directly. You do not need a referral.

 EAP network providers are private practitioners who enter into a client-therapist relationship. They are required by law and ethical standards to honor confidentiality, subject to legal exceptions they will describe. They cannot reveal the content of sessions to anyone without the written consent of their client. Your case will not be discussed with anyone associated with the the University.

If you are currently seeing a therapist and would like to continue to do so for your 6 sessions, this provider will need to call Post and Associates at 307.632.7771 to discuss further. The provider will then inform you if the are able to complete these services for you.

If you are wanting more than 6 sessions, you will want to speak with the provider you have been seeing and discuss  using your private health insurance.

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