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Wyoming’s First Responders Network

WyEAP assists agencies and local governments by helping employees to access mental health care. Care is with a qualified licensed mental health professional and remains confidential.

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About the Team

If you are a provider and are interested in joining our panel, please contact us at

Dr. Jerry Post

Dr. Jerry Post


Psychologist Dr. Jerry Post founded WyEAP in 2013 to serve the needs of Wyoming’s first responders and other public employees. He retired from clinical practice in 2020 after 22 years as a police psychologist in Wyoming but continues to manage the network.

 Lori Post

Lori Post

EAP Administrator

Lori has her B.S. in Psychology, graduating from the University of Montana. Lori has a diverse career in sales, leadership, and business operations which have equipped her to support our daily operations. Lori oversees the administrative aspects of the EAP to ensure we have the most simplified processes for our agencies, staff, and employees.

If you are considering harming yourself or anyone else, tell someone now!

Speak to a coworker, loved one, or friend.

You may call 911 for assistance or go a hospital emergency room.

988 Suicide and Crisis Line

Contact the Free National Suicide Crisis hotline by dialing 988.