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     Welcome to the Platte County Sheriff’s Office

                Employee Assitance Program


The Platte County Sheriff’s Office has established an Employee Assistance Program to assist benefited employees and their families. This program provides confidential access to mental health professionals to assist employees with any type of emotional distress. This program provides access to a network of specially selected professionals that practice near Platte County. The Employee Assistance Program can help with everyday stressors and difficulties employees experience in and out of the workplace. These stressors can affect your life and have an impact on your well–being.

PCSO wants to help provide resources so that employees can quickly and conveniently get in touch with a qualified provider. These services are in complete privacy! Between May 1st and June 30th of each year, PCSO employees will be provided up to three sessions each, at no charge. If you need additional services you may use your health insurance benefits and each of the providers listed will accept our insurance. To contact one of the qualified providers, simply select a provider below and email or call them directly. You do not need a referral and this will remain strictly confidential.

To Learn About Confidentiality and FAQs Click Here


Click Here to learn more about providers statewide.


If you are considering harming yourself or someone else, tell someone now!

  • Speak to a coworker, loved one, or friend.
  • You may call 911 for assistance or go a hospital emergency room.
  • Or, call the Wyoming Free Crisis hotline 1-800-457-9312 or visit their site.
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