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   Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the EAP?
The EAP network consists of counselors who are experienced with first responders and/or trauma survivors who stand ready to assist RSFD employees in identifying issues and planning care. EAP providers are located around the state for improved access to care.
What if I want to attend more than three sessions?
The three sessions provided by the program are meant to support planning services. The City of Rock Springs health insurance program can be employed for an indefinite number of sessions involving a modest copay. Workers Compensation benefits may be employed for work-related incidents. The RSFD Administrator may approve additional sessions on a case-by-case basis.
Why doesn’t the EAP provide as many sessions as I want or need?
Your City of Rock Springs health insurance is your primary resource for medical and mental health care. The EAP is meant to make it easier to connect with suitable providers and to access care. It is a wellness program.
How do referrals work?
You may be referred by a supervisor or by Dr. Post if he is consulted. Referrals are never mandatory, however. You may self-refer by contacting a provider directly by email or telephone to schedule an appointment. You should expect a response within 24 hours. If further assistance is needed, contact Dr. Jerry Post’s office at 307-631-4565
How do I know that my sessions will be private?
EAP network providers are private practitioners who enter into a client-therapist relationship with those who are referred or who self-refer. They are required by law and ethical standards to honor confidentiality, subject to legal exceptions they will describe. They cannot reveal the content of sessions to anyone without the written consent of their client. Your case will not be discussed with anyone associated with RSFD or Dr. Post.
Who administers the RSFD EAP?
Licensed psychologist Jerry Post, Psy.D., of Cheyenne administers the EAP. He is the consulting psychologist to the RSFD;  his practice hosts the web page and manages the network of providers. He is not directly involved in providing care.
What else does Dr. Post do for RSFD?
Dr. Post consults to the Peer Support Team, provides return to duty and fitness for duty assessments, performs pre-employment selection services, and provides general consultation to members of the RSFD . Dr. Post does not provide clinical care to RSFD employees.
Are network providers involved in Fitness for Duty exams?



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